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Where to Look: A Prompt Arts Guide
Nicholas Christiaan

WTL2Where to Look is full of ideas for anyone who has ever asked the question what do I write? It contains 40 exercises that can be completed pretty much anywhere, often in less than an hour.

This book won’t tell you how to write, but it will let you know how to start; how to gather material, how to borrow or adapt plot as well as useful tricks to summon up characters from nowhere. Above all Where to Look provides an active solution to the blank page; all brought to you by a company that really sees the whole world as a writing prompt.

Creative Story Prompts: Samples
Sean Bruno


Creative Story Prompts is a sample collection of story ideas and challenges for writers, performers, educators, storytellers, plotters, pansters, work shoppers, NaNoWriMoers, morning pagers, and anyone interested in ways of generating ideas for new stories or finding new perspectives in older ideas.

Not a HOW TO guide on writing as much as a creative gym for those who are interested in writing first and editing later. The series uses a combination of images, exercises, crafts, and scenarios, to create highly caffeinated versions of your traditional writing prompts. These are complimented with questions and challenges that will encourage you to  keep on writing as well as build upon your own creative resilience and resources.

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