Lord luv a duck. I am loving the duck. Not sure about the snotrags or the dubious liquid although I’m hoping it’s just water. Wonder what the pills are? they’re pretty big.

No condoms anywhere. Wasn’t Tracey’s bed mainly notorious  for the used condoms? As well as being an unmade bed presented as ‘art’ of course. That’s art in inverted commas.

Wosisname…Sewell. Hated Emin. Actually he hated all modern arts and cultivated the perfect voice to be snotty about it in. Dead now of course.

Where am I? Oh yes, the bed. Bit of a waste of wine gums. I’m sure the Turner is clean but I wouldn’t want to eat them after they’ve been  on the floor. Bet they could sell them in the shop though. A big tin of ‘Homage to Emin’ Wine Gums. Free condom with every tin.